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P.T. Global, Inc.
Financial Solutions
PO Box 2294
Pensacola, FL 32513

P.T. Global, Inc. provides its subscribers the latest special offers, discounts and promotional announcements. Our subscribers enjoy receiving exclusive emails about new and exciting financial products and services.
Marketing Solutions

P.T. Global, inc. is given the right to market to consumers through our privacy policy. Consumers receive our correspondence because they have provided permission (via registration and acceptance of the privacy policies for a newsletter, contest, web-based service or other activity on the web) to receive recurring promotions from various third parties. By continuing to receive email promotions from P.T. Global, Inc, you agree to the terms of the P.T. Global, Inc. If you feel that you are receiving emails in error or would like to opt-out from receiving future offers from P.T. Global, Inc. you can manage your subscription by visiting our unsubscribe page or follow the unsubscribe link within our emails.

About Us

 P.T. Global was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing financial opportunities to those with less than perfect credit. In today's economy obtaining credit and securing personal loans or financing is becoming more and more difficult each and every day.

How It Works

P.T. Global has formed alliances with multiple lending institutions that offer special programs to those with financial challenges. If you have been turned down repeatedly for credit or financing we have several programs that you can apply to receive the funds you need.

Once you complete one of our applications and join our mailing list you will receive our financial newsletters, as well as our offers. You will be sent daily emails and updates on our latest offers connecting you with multiple lenders that will be eager to assist your request. Through daily correspondence, you will be provided with unlimited resources to find just the right lender that will give you the funds you need.

We encourage you to take advantage of our multiple information channels. Once you sign up you will receive diverse information from Credit Helpers and LoopStream Media. These channels will provide you with several types of financial opportunities that we feel will benefit you.

We are constantly negotiating with providers as well as searching the financial market for the best opportunities on the internet. Our hope is that we bring the lenders to you into one central location - your inbox. In order to facilitate this we ask that once you join our mailing list that you add our address to your address book to ensure proper delivery of the information you are requesting.

Once You Find A Lender

Once we are successful in finding you the solution you need you may choose to stop receiving our daily email correspondence. We are always happy to honor this request and we know that we were successful in providing you with the information you needed. Our services are to provide you with the information you need to secure the funds you need while you need it. If you are no longer in need of our services please choose to opt-out of our mailings by unsubscribing in one of the the emails we send you. We will immediately remove you from receiving future correspondence.


Your data is safe with P.T. Global, Inc. We take every measure to secure any personal data you provide as well as permanently remove any of your information from our data bases immediately upon request. We utilize state of the are secure servers with the highest level of encryption to ensure your privacy.

We continue to expand so that we can better serve you. If you need further assistance, please contact us by completing the information on our Contact page.